Nigel Leslie is an artist, born in Birkenhead (near Liverpool). who spent the mid-1990s studying and working in London, where he trained in law and worked successfully as a barrister. He returned to Liverpool, which he loves for its creativity, vibrancy, friendliness and diversity.  


His influences range from everything he has ‘seen, read or heard’ to more traditional sources like music and film (both of which he has an encyclopedic knowledge of!). Bowie was a major influence in his teens, mixing the arts rather than dividing them. He was doing artwork in various forms from an early age and is pleased to be a self-taught painter as he says this allowed him to keep his own ideas, whilst picking up techniques which he chose and wanted to use along the way.


His styles in his paintings and artwork are always distinctive, unique and; like Bowie; change and re-invent consistently, rather than sticking to the mainstream, safe art adage of keeping to a style which is ‘safe and works’.


He is an innovative, imaginative and instinctive artist. He describes his paintings as mostly coming down to collage using paint, with a common theme of images within images (with often many in one painting).


Nigel has had several successful exhibitions in Liverpool and has recently been selected as 1 of 100 important contemporary artists to decorate an old £5 note for a charity auction. Names already signed up include the Chapman Brothers, Gilbert and George, Gavin Turk, Damien Hirst, Mason Storm, Liverpool’s iconic Peter Blake and Cyrano Denn (aka Danny Crone). In her recent article, well-known writer/blogger Alison Little describes him as,

 “A true Liverpool talent…immortalized for future generations…”